Southern California Psychiatric Group, Inc

Telemedicine session with your doctor / therapist in Soutern California Psychiatric Group, Inc, though sounds too complicated, is simple: All you need to have is good internet service and access to one of these devices a smart phone, tablet or a computer with camera and microphone. You will be using a browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari. No need to install any apps on your devices.

The basic steps you need to take for a successful telesession with your doctor are

  1. Step I:
    Every new patient, must identify and complete the required form and send all pages along with photo id and insurance card copies to our office at the earliest. Do not wait till your appointment to avoid delays. Our staff require some time to process and upload your paperwork to your chart before your appointmnt. If the required form/consents are not received at least one day before your appointment, we may cancel your appointment. In such cases, you can only request for next available appointment only after you complete and submit required form.
    Forms are located in Forms Page. This is one time step for your evaluation appointment only. Step II and III below are required steps for every appointment.
  2. Step II:
    On your appointment day, every time call (951) 309-2140 about 5 minutes before your appointmet to check-in
  3. Step III:
    Connect with your doctor's virtual room for your session by selecting your doctor / therapist name below. Your doctor will connect with you as time permits.

    Bhuvaneswari Nallamothu, MD

    Melanee Carpenter-Lay, LMFT

    Carol Matthews, PSYD

    Angie Meza, LMFT

    Elizabeth Sheppard, LCSW

    Gayle Sorensen, LCSW

    Raymundo Claudio, LMFT

    Mayra Cruz, LMFT

    Stephanie Canani, LMFT

    Kathryn Miller, LMFT

    Terry Porter, LMFT

Troubleshooting Help:

For any technical difficulties with audio and/or video settings for your Telemedicine session, please identify your device and the browser and use the online help to verify your device settings


We receive calls from several Kaiser patients stating that pharmacy did not receive their medication. Electronic prescriptions sent from our office will be received by Kaiser pharmacy in a secondary system and will not appear under your profile or your pharmcy technician won't see them generally. These prescriptions should be manually transferred by your pharmacist to Kaiser internal system for you (on your kaiser portal or app) or your pharmacy tech to be able to see them. So, please ask to speak to your pharmacist or pharmacy manager if your pharmacy is saying that they do not have script from Dr Nallmaothu. If you need to call our office we need the pharmacist name for us to reverify the prescriptions sent. This should happen within 10 days after you see Dr Nallamothu or from the date prescription orders have been sent by Dr Nallamothu.

Thank you very much for all your cooperation.