Telemedicine is now possible with So Cal Psych Group Inc Providers!!

This at the moment is only for established patients. You must also understand and sign the following two forms first and send these back either fax or through email to our office or drop these in person or through US Mail.

For your reference to complete the consent form, our provider names are listed below

The session requires internet service and a good laptop computer with audio (both speaker and mic) and video support. Alternatly, your smart phone can be used as well. Before we can confirm a telesession, we need to be able to test the quality of the connection. Please call the office with requests.

What to expect during your first visit? What paperwork do I bring or need to complete during my first visit?

During your first appointment, you will check in by signing in upon your arriaval. Your first appointment requires completion of the New Patient Form. You can print and complete this form in your home at leisure or you can come to your appointment at least 30 minutes before your appointment to complete the same before your appointment time.
New Patient Form

Your doctor may also discuss the benefits and side-effects of any medication being prescribed and require therapist you sign a consent stating that you understand the benefits and any side effects Informed Medication Consent.

You are advised to bring your proof of insurance and one form of ID such as your driver license to your appointments always. Your appointment time is reserved just for you. Please give 24 hours notice if you find it necessary to cancel or if you intend to reschedule your appointment.

How do I obtain or Release my medical treatment records to a third party or to my family member?

Your treatment information is treated highly confidential. If you require your medical records, you have to submit a request in writing. Your doctor would then review and consent of release your treatment information. Wether you need your records for your self or to a third party or to your family member, you must request in writing and sign a consent on Release of Informaiton form by indicating who can obtain or even discuss your treatment informaiton with your doctor in your absence.
Release of Information Form