We are Southern California Psychiatric Group from Southern California, a collaborative practice of psychiatrists and therapists who are qualified and licensed by their respective boards to help with all the challenges you face. We work with adults, children, adolescents, families, and couples.

Let us beat COVID-19 and keep our families safe

The only thing we know so far is to keep our distance and not infect our loved ones and all those with compromized immune system. Let the medical researchers do thier job to find vaccine and cure to this not so deadly virus. Till then it is proved that the only way we can beat this COVID-19 while keeping safe not only ourselves but our loved ones as well is by keeping distance and not filling our critical emergency facilities and burden our medical teams. Critical Care Teams and Hospitals are either running out of space and above and all either short on may of the supplies to provide care and to protect themselves and putting their life at risk.

To this goal of beating the COVID-19, we at SoCalPsych are requesting all our established and now even New Patients to keep distance from each other and sign up for Telesession for your doctor visit. We request those who can work with technology and has the convenience of smart phone or a computer with audio and video/visual capability to opt in for our Telemedicine service and not come to clinic for in person consultation. This applies to all our office provider appointments - Physician and Therapists.

If you are opting in Telemedicine - we are signed up with secure system for your privacy. Please make sure to follow these steps for uninterrupted session with your doctor or therapist during the session

To have telesession with your doctor goto Telesession.

Our Services

Our providers have expertise and interests in many areas of psychiatry and psychotherapy. The following list reflects the variety of services we have available for our patients.

Some of our providers are bilingual. To find a provider who speaks your language please contact our office.